Aug 22, 2022

FedEx APIs - CA Export Declaration Announcements

If you’re a Canadian exporter, you must electronically report all goods valued at 2,000 CAD or greater as well as controlled, restricted, or regulated goods regardless of value destined to any country other than the U.S., Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) prior to export.
Shippers and exporters must electronically complete and file an export declaration with the CBSA prior to export.
The CBSA will provide the exporter with a Proof of Report number (POR#), which must be included on the FedEx Express International Air Waybill or shipping label. In addition, the export declaration must be printed and attached to the shipment along with the other shipment documentation. The POR# is required by FedEx to process the shipment for export.
The old B13A proof of report number format was 17 or 23 digits as opposed to the new export declaration POR number format which has now changed to 15-32 alphanumeric characters. The Summary report POR number has also expanded from 7 digits to 7-32 alphanumeric characters.
The purpose of this update is to change the terminology (error messages) and filing option capability to help ensure the shipper/exporter is compliant with the regulation.

List of enhancements included are:

FedEx enhancements

For maintaining backward compatibility, filing option field’s name b13AFilingOption will remain intact.

Even though ENUM value FEDEX_TO_STAMP will be allowed for backward compatibility, this value will no longer be supported in the Filing Option field. An error message will be thrown if FEDEX_TO_STAMP is used. Choose the relevant filing option from NOT_REQUIRED, FILED_ELECTRONICALLY, MANUALLY_ATTACHED or SUMMARY_REPORTING instead of FEDEX_TO_STAMP.

  • If filing option is either FILED_ELECTRONICALLY or SUMMARY_REPORTING, then Canada shippers must populate the Proof-of-report number in the field name exportComplianceStatement
  • If filing option is NOT_REQUIRED, then Canada shippers must populate the exemption code in the field name exportComplianceStatement. Valid values are from 01 to 08 and from 10 to 16. Value 09 is not valid
  • If filing option is MANUALLY_ATTACHED and ExportComplianceStatement field is populated, then system will throw an error message

What actions do you need to take?

  • If you have used FEDEX_TO_STAMP as a filing option, then choose a different filing option from aforementioned options, and populate exportComplianceStatement field accordingly
  • If your POR number is not available at the time of your air waybill creation, then
    • choose MANUALLY_ATTACHED filing option
    • do not populate field ExportComplianceStatement
    • and attach the export declaration hardcopy with your shipment paperwork

What are the additional changes?

In error/warning messages B13A reference has been removed, as follows, nonetheless current codes remain intact to maintain backward compatibility.

Code Old Message New Message


The B13A Canada export declaration is required for this shipment. Please update and try again.

The Canada Export Declaration is required for this shipment.
Please update and try again.


B13A filing option is missing or invalid. Please update and try again.

Canada Export Declaration Filing Option is missing or invalid.
Please update and try again.


B13A cannot be returned due to incorrect filing option. Please update and try again.

document cannot be returned for Canada Export Declaration.
Please update and try again.

  • Moreover, below error code has been removed as it is no longer applicable
Code Message


B13A Filing Option data are inconsistent. Please update and try again.