February 19, 2022

FedEx API | FedEx Developer Portal Release Notes.

FedEx announces new enhancements and capabilities for the 2022 version of FedEx API and FedEx Developer Portal.

Through continuous enhancements, FedEx API aims to accommodate all your logistic requirements and facilitate a best-in-class shipping experience. This release offers new features and enhancements to streamline your shipping processes and allow your day-to-day operations to run smoother. 

Check out the additional FedEx API and FedEx Developer Portal (FDP) enhancements:

New Priority Timed Services   

New FedEx Priority Timed Services: FedEx International Priority® Express and FedEx International Priority® are added to provide more options for international shipping with mid-day and end of the day commitments, respectively.

Tiered Out-of-Delivery-Area (ODA) and Out-of-Pickup-Area (OPA) surcharge

FedEx Rate enhancements for 2022 introduced tiered pricing structure, for International ODA surcharge and OPA surcharge, based on ZIP codes, postal codes or cities for freight and parcel services. For details, refer the rate information section in the 2022 FedEx Service Guide available on FedEx.com.

FedEx Priority Alert and FedEx Priority Alert Plus Service Surcharges

FedEx Priority Alert Plus special service surcharges are now available in FedEx Rate and Transit time API.

If you have questions or need technical assistance, please visit the FedEx Developer Portal Support Pagefor dedicated support phone number or contact your Customer Technology representative.