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A webhook is an HTTPS callback function that allows lightweight, event-driven communication between sender and receiver applications. In this case, FedEx and your application. Using webhook allows you to receive near real-time updates about the events you want to know about. To learn more about webhook, explore What is a webhook?


Can’t find what you need here? Explore our Integrated Solutions Support page for more resources.


Can’t find what you need here? Explore our Integrated Solutions Support page for more resources.

Technical Support

Proprietary Customers

Pre-production: For technical support prior to moving to production, please contact your local FedEx Customer Technology or Sales Representative. If you do not have one, or do not have contact details, contact Customer Services.
Post-production: For technical support after completing your integration, contact CT Support via our Web Portal using your FedEx account number (where eligible). Otherwise email, including the country you are emailing from and your FedEx account number (if known).

Third Party Integrators

For Europe related technical queries, please use our European Third-Party Support Form using your previously assigned Provider ID¹; or your new Integrator ID².

For non-European technical queries, please refer to the local support pages.

¹Only applicable if previously assigned to you by FedEx and until you get an Integrator ID assigned.
²The Integrator ID is assigned to you after Organization Creation in the FedEx Developer Portal; shared via email and accessible in the Manage Organization section of the FedEx Developer Portal.

If you do not have access to the European Third-Party Support Form yet, please e-mail, including your Integrator ID and FedEx account number (if known), in order to get set up and be able to use the Support Form.

Are you an existing FedEx Web Services customer?

If you’re not ready to try out our new FedEx APIs, you can still access documentation and WSDLs for FedEx Web Services within the Developer Resource Center.