January 16, 2023

FedEx API | FedEx Developer Portal Release Notes

FedEx announces new enhancements and capabilities for the January 2023 version of FedEx API and FedEx Developer Portal.

FedEx is excited to announce new enhancements and capabilities for FedEx APIs and the FedEx Developer Portal. This release offers new FedEx API features and updates to enhance your shipping experience.

List of Enhancements included are:

Track API - FedEx Ground Economy Tracking Number Visibility

Ship API - FedEx Ground Economy


  • FedEx shipment notifications will have 12-digit FedEx Ground Economy and USPS tracking numbers. For U.S. only.

Ship API - Brexit Changes

Ship API - Canada Export Declaration


  • Shipments from United Kingdom to Northern Ireland can be completed like a domestic UK shipment along with import declarations. Shipments will still need to provide all relevant commercial invoice details.

Ship API - Cancellation of Email Returns

Ship API - FedEx Ground Economy


  • Enhance the Cancel Ship capability to provide the ability to cancel an EMAIL return shipment.

Pickup API – Automated Pickups Enabled in Israel

Ship API - Canada Export Declaration


  • Ability to schedule package pickup in Israel.

FedEx Developer Portal Enhancements

  • Performance Dashboard
    FedEx Developer Portal (FDP) will show the status of all APIs. All customers who log into FDP portal under an organization will be able to access this report in the supported local languages.

Technical Support: