Oct 16, 2021

FedEx API & FedEx Developer Portal Release Notes.

FedEx announces new enhancements and capabilities for the 2021 version of FedEx API and FedEx Developer Portal.

Through continuous enhancements, FedEx API aims to accommodate all your logistic requirements and facilitate a best-in-class shipping experience. This release offers new features and enhancements to streamline your shipping processes and allow your day-to-day operations to run smoother. 

Check out the additional FedEx API and FedEx Developer Portal (FDP) enhancements:

Ship API

  • Addition of Multiple Piece Shipping (MPS) capability
  • Validate the shipment to verify the accuracy of the request prior to the actual submission
  • Capability to provide alternate sender’ address 
  • Ability to request Merged Label Option
  • Improved user friendly error messages

Pickup API

  • Improved and accurate Pickup Requests with restriction of 2-character state or province code in the requests

Track API

  • Added Tracking Notifications
  • Track Delivery Schedule (On Schedule/Delayed)

International Shipping and Regulatory Requirements

  • BREXIT Regulatory changed updated in the APIs.
  • Added EEI regulatory requirements on shipments destined to China, Russia or Venezuela.
  • Provide IOSS number in the Tax number element for supporting European Union VAT change.
  • Added USMCA Regulatory amendments.

Freight LTL API

  • Ability to request Bill of Lading and Freight Billing document with the Freight shipments
  • Validates Billing Address for delivery accuracy
  • Improved user friendly error messages

Service Availability API

  • Request service availabilities along with the Transit Times

Trade Document Upload API

  • New API, to upload customs documents before or post the actual shipment
  • Add Letterhead Images, signatures to the shipping reports

Global Trade API

  • Get the documents needed to accompany your international shipments for smoother customs clearance.
  • Get important regulatory information or advisories.

Estimated Delivery Time Window

Help your recipient plan their delivery schedules better as Track API now provides a time range for shipment deliveries based on historical data of shipments delivered in the location.

FedEx Developer Portal

  • Portal Search
  • Portal Notifications
  • Download Endpoint Schema
  • Additional sample Payloads
  • Portal is available in 25 local languages